Blue People

There is in each of us a little blue person. That part which is anti-life affirming – sadly we don’t often even see that we are our own worst enemies. During the 70’s and 80’s there were many valuable programs that concentrated on what before had been the realm of religion and philosophy, particularly Eastern religions. Lifespring, Summit, EST to name a few were extremely potent seminars for a person to take a hard look at themselves, their behaviors, and their lives. The naysayers from the media and main stream therapists made fun of misunderstood processes and made false assumptions on the material denying any value to the programs, even calling them cults. They did work but were often wrought with scandal and claims of fraud in the way the finances were handled. If you have done any of the human potential programs only you can say whether it had any value. So much that was learned and experienced in these courses I have put here in these cartoons. Enlightenment is just shinning a light on what doesn’t work – the truth is freeing. All of us  at some time are Blue People.     .   Holding on to anger and resentment prohibits the ability to see what is in front of you. Opportunity is a moment seen that has the opening fro something new. Any thing that negetively cccupies your mind is a barrier.     Why should you be happy when everything is screwed up? There is logic there, but being happy is not a function of a condition. I am the creator of my own happiness. There is a distinction to get here. Things could be a mess in my relationships but I can still appreciate the sound of a baby laughing and in that moment be happy. Maybe some of my relationships are a mess but I can still be happy for the ones that aren’t a mess. I may have little money – but I may have enough for a vanilla latte and that would make me happy. You could say that being happy is like wearing deodorant if you don’t do both you are offensive to others. You can be happy in a moment because you say so.                   We must be in the moment as much as possible. That means getting out of your head. You can’t live the past and you can’t live the future. Fretting over the past or worrying over what could happen will make you miserable. The best lives are created moment to moment. Creation is by definition life affirming – it is motion and energy. Look in your life where you are stuck – it will no doubt be in worry about the past or from one of my songs “Worry about something that ain’t happened yet.”

Change is scary because it is uncertain. In uncertainty there is possibility. In possibilty there is opportunity or disaster. However there will always be change and life is uncertain and there are always new possibilities even in disasters. That’s life!!!!

Blue People by Ken Lehnig(c) 2011

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