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Spoken Word

Spoken Word from Ken Lehnig

As a poet have spent my adult life writing mostly inadequate poetry. As I have entered my later years something happened, whether I have made a truer connection to the language, a deeper understanding of the things of life, or I have tapped a channel to some astral library, I don’t know and mostly don’t care. That I can write poetry with some satisfaction at the outcome is enough for me. Whether the work is worthy is up to the reader and listener.

I have always written poetry and would only share those pieces that I deemed worthy. Spoken word is a new concept for me and I don’t often write in the common rhymey and clever word twisty style so often heard in spoken word jams – in no way am I being derisive , in fact, I enjoy spoken word events very much indeed, especially when I learn that most of the participants have no formal understanding of poetry as a literary and art form. I am heartened and often astonished at how poetry is part of our human makeup – at least that is the case I will put froward. Here I offer what I write and it holds up as is does, rise or fall, with no pretense.




The Shadow


All Aboard



My Mind Is A Carnival



all poems by ken lehnig(c) 200- 2012

In The Midnight


In the midnight

when all is still

the spinning bustle

wound down

quite listening

dreams waft

whispering on night winds

half toned swirls

of innocent dreams

dreamers war


lost in denial


What shadow moves

in that derelict house



no witness

to sad countenance

reflected in broken glass

her sorrow in moonlight

locked in a forever night


Once there was laughter

children and life


bright sunlit hope

today eternal

yesterday passes away


time stilled

between heartbeats

between breaths



laudanum numbed

termed illness

where there was promise

all stopped


with her last pain filled push



Her child lived on

passed on long ago

she stays

waiting in her ruined room

standing by the window

reflected in moonlight

midnight image

on a broken window pane

waiting for the pain to end


ken lehnig(c)2011