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Ken Lehnig’s Live Set of:






Here is a link of a review of the album by San Diego’s Troubadour. CLICK HERE

What is said about songs on The American Music Show

– Jeff Roberts

About Willy’s Got an old Gibson

I love to open air sound of the recording, brings the song blues cred. Nice guitar accompaniment. Very good vocal and a great harmonica solo cap off this gem.

Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)

Classic, driving acoustic blues about a roving street singer. Cleanly sung, with some good strong blues harp behind it.

– Ian Graham

On Stronger Anyway

I was instantly captivated by the subtle guitar, and the voice only further drew me in. The lyrics and music are emotionally consistent. I love the carefree delivery of the vocalist. Harmonica playing was ok, i thought the lead guitar work could have been better, only because of how could everything else is! the background harmonies gave me chills. reminds me of Dink’s Song by Bob Dylan, also performed in the movie Inside Llewyn Davis, but its not derivative, both songs just give me the same feeling of solidarity and hope, along with a sense of being content with your lot in life. i apologize for the length of this review, but the song was excellent.

– Chris Haise

On Angel I have lost

Nice arrangement. I like the way you mixed up all the different instruments. You place stops at just the right places. Good dynamics. Good job, keep it up.

Signal 30

Dark melody, good harmonies.

Mitch Siegal

On Miss Pauline

This song had a nice feel. The instruments blended well with the main theme. I thought the different sections blended nicely and the transitions worked well also. I liked the soft quality in the singer’s voice, it worked well with the lyrics and added to the overall mood. I liked the variety of instruments used here as well the little counter themes they added were nice

andy blackwood

A very “honest” interpretation of the lyrics. I would defiantly “Take Your Hand” ! Lovely song!

– Dale Jean Covington

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