Sozzel the Jongleur Haunted Halloween

How about a little scary reading for Halloween.

Sozzel The Jongleur Haunted Halloween

The night is chilly and the full moon shines down, casting sharp shadows where invisible things crouch, and watch, the comings and goings of the living. The jongleur pulls up his collar and walks into the warmth and golden light of the pub. He unstraps his sack, and pulls out an old guitar. The dour patrons are quiet, and perhaps a little fearful, tonight is Halloween. A bright and happy song is offered, but does little to change the somber mood. So he puts down his guitar and begins to spin tales, and poetry, to entertain, and perhaps even to send a shiver up a spine or two.

 He stands upon the bar and recites,

“This Halloween night  there will be no final call, 2halloween tales cover223
too darkly real this verse
to let it rest
we’ll share a strain
‘Til midnight pass
I’ll acquaint the frightening tales
of foolishness and happenstance
in a lunatic world
belly up,
gratuit the sommelier
fie to this misspent day
and sozzel the Jongleur.”

A collection of spooky, weird, or just strange short stories and poetry by Ken Lehnig

Available in all download formats.
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