Sozzel the Jongleur 3 Strange Reflections


The Jongleur walked through the ale house door once again into the dim and din. Here the Storyteller was acknowledged and urged on and on. He felt anxious but well prepared to offer some strange reflections, stories and poetry to puzzle, shock, and entertain.He set up his hat for tips and smiled at the expectant faces. The raggity man gave a shrug and a shake and climbed up upon the stage and yelled out, “I’ll acquaint a dire or humorous tale of foolishness and happenstance in a lunatic world. So belly up, gratuit the sommelier – fie to this misspent day and sozzel the jongleur.”

If you like dark, weird, and decidedly off poetry and short stories this is for you!

The third in a series of collections of dark and offbeat poetry, short stories by Ken Lehnig. This book also includes a one-act play. E-Book download-able in all device formats.

PG-14 Some caution this collection contains adult themes.


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