Sozzel the Jongleur 2 Peculiar Telling

My new book of thrills and chills and some pretty cool poetry!

The Jongleur walked through the ale house door into the dim and din. He had played and recited here just last week and was well received. He felt well prepared to offer some peculiar tellings, stories and poetry to puzzle, shock, and entertain. He looked about looking for a familiar face. A toothless grin and a dirty face from honest labor twirled by. In his arms a once-pretty partner laughed shrilly. Both danced about to music that only they could hear. ‘The old sot smiles and his filthy cohort dance a jiggle of old bones and graceless promenades rough hewed, true to the gravel tones I entrain no eminence grise no gift could I yet endue but try I would’ He climbed upon the stage and yelled out ‘Let the stories and poetry begin and sozzel the Jongleur for the telling.’ A collection of stories and poetry by Ken Lehnig

Price is just 1.99 down-loadable in all device formats.

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