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ken                    Ken’s Coaching Service

What’s the difference between a teacher and a coach?

The way I would explain it is this: A teacher must come from the position that you are in the seat because you don’t know something and you want an expert to reveal and instruct you in that which you do not know. In that context  I do teach beginning and intermediate guitar and songwriting.
A coach enhances what skills you already process and allows you to create distinctions. That sounds a bit heady but let’s put it this way; perhaps you have a good singing voice but you find you have difficulty singing in all genres – a coach would help you make choices in the way you sing expanding your abilities.  In any area of life a coach can help you reach your goals whether it be creative, promotional, or just doing life. We all have tools in our creative toolbox; a coach can increase the number of tools and assist you in making the right choices from that toolbox.

Why do you need a coach?

If art is created it should be shared. The reality with any creative action it comes beautifully through the artist into existence, while that process is at work the artist may find it difficult to take the next step and get the art out and shared with the public. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be visual art, songwriting, constructed art, painting, singing or performance. What a coach does is work in the area of refinement and presentation, taking what you have and putting a polish to it. That ‘polish’ is adding already-skills appropriately and allowing you to see what is needed by creating distinctions to improve presentation and presence, by allowing and attaining a clear path to a goal.

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                         Why me as your coach?

My expertise is in songwriting, singer/songwriter performance, singer performance, studio preparation as a professional songwriter, recording artist, producer and performer. I have 50 years experience as a musician singer/songwriter and frontman for rock bands.
I host a music biz podcast  on where you will find my articles and audio coaching lessons and hear industry pros offer tips and opportunities/
I  am an  artist/illustrator/sculptor, producing in the 90s a successful line of artist dolls/ and public speaker and teacher as past President and Area Governor of Toastmasters and in the private sector.

I published a newsletter called “LIfeworks” a guide to having life work.

And finally I have been around a long time making mistake after mistake as well as winning a great deal. I have spent my life looking at life and seeing what works and what doesn’t. I give thanks to all those that mentored and coached me.

What I can and will do for you.

  1. As a teacher: Beginning and intermediate guitar
  2. As a teacher and a Coach: Public Speaking for any occasion.
  3. As a teacher and Coach: Beginning Songwriting, Songwriting improvement, Songwriting skills and mastery
  4. As a Coach: Singer/songwriter, singer or musician performance enhancement
  5. As a promotion and social media Coach
  6. As a Creativity Coach getting engaged in the creative process
  7. As a LIfe Coach for you to create distinctions and make productive choices

    Testimonial:                                                                                                                “Ken is AWESOME! There is no doubt about it. Our first lesson was so comfortable and didn’t have the terrifying “wise professor and naïve student” dynamic as many of my previous music teachers had. He made me feel like a fellow musician. His tips and suggestions were not the type you would find in a traditional classroom- he is much more focused on the power behind your voice. He helped me establish my personal sound and work on the tonality that would be relatable to any audience. He’s made me look at music and my voice in a new light, and I’m loving the difference even one lesson has made in the choices I make while working on new songs!! I would DEFINITELY recommend him if you’re looking for a vocal coach or musical inspiration!! Ken will give you a spin on your sound that you didn’t know existed.”Tali Nadav, 29, Singer

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