A Dark Night On Hollywood Boulevard

A true story!








Two angels perched atop a liquor store

a morning on Hollywood Boulevard

in an abode white pillowed and spare

norse both, blond and blue-eyed shine


He, long fingered danced ivory and ebony

hammer and chimed on an earthly harp

she, a curvy beauty with a sweet siren voice

smiled grace, heaven made each clear note


the thrum and throb of a different way

moved the soul and beat the heart of ‘68

longhaired and fanciful free – the spell

but darker thing did ride that free love train


My angels met they spun a goodly tale

I, a raucous and glaring counterpoint

Loud noted clouts from amp and string

Earthy ropes to tether their symphonies


His music, her voice, for the Angel’s choir

my fingers on ebony board, harsh violence

‘ta-dum’ a drum beat to match a human heart

and cheers for the time and skillful effort made


Showcased, the Label called, the label signed,

a  promise of greater things the road will bring

elation and a festive tone the party did begin

surely destiny will have this music in the world


But in the deep darkness well before the dawn

when two by two, three by three, or a lonely one

did find some comfort in their downy beds

a darker thing found the two on that boulevard


For failed destiny or born some nagging fear

black wings found purchase in angel’s hearts

for milking blood, the hooked needles debt

these Angel’s music and sweet voice forever



Head to head, hand in hand, together the lay

cold and silent, dark wings carried them away

and with them the promise and artistic hope

on a sad dark night on Hollywood Boulevard



Ken Lehnig(c0 2009



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