Ramshankle Vassel

‘Ramshangle Vassel” a poem by Ken Lehnig


Ramshankle  vassel

reluctant roadie

disheveled and whistling

a rock and roll carny

with dark shrine magic


Running with the pack

underpinning in shadows

waiting sinless for key words

another major epiphany

forgiven in the key of Bb


All the failures justified

inconsistent and embellished

meaning transcended at 3am

for sweaty repetitive purpose

back always to the wind


Sixteen staccato beats drum

to fretful measured dreams forgotten

dancing to lies – romancing strangers

pretty half-clean fat bottom-ed girls

stay-ing a little bit longer


Motels – green gel

cold pizza and Jim Beam

in iced Dixie cups

caught up and drawn

into a Krumb cartoon


Coming in the shabby ass end of towns

where the dirty stuck people live

those unaware of a b-bender Fender

of being wah wah defeaned

camping  with  silent amps


Road rumbling numb

counting train cars and bars

weary of building impermanent

light blinding –  high decibel-ed temples

while waiting for sanity to return



ken lehnig(c)2012

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