Spoken Word from Ken Lehnig

Spoken Word from Ken Lehnig

As a poet have spent my adult life writing mostly inadequate poetry. As I have entered my later years something happened, whether I have made a truer connection to the language, a deeper understanding of the things of life, or I have tapped a channel to some astral library, I don't know and mostly don't care. That I can write poetry with some satisfaction at the outcome is enough for me. Whether the work is worthy is up to the reader and listener.

I have always written poetry and would only share those pieces that I deemed worthy. Spoken word is a new concept for me and I don't often write in the common rhymey and clever word twisty style so often heard in spoken word jams – in no way am I being derisive , in fact, I enjoy spoken word events very much indeed, especially when I learn that most of the participants have no formal understanding of poetry as a literary and art form. I am heartened and often astonished at how poetry is part of our human makeup – at least that is the case I will put froward. Here I offer what I write and it holds up as is does, rise or fall, with no pretense.




The Shadow


All Aboard



My Mind Is A Carnival



all poems by ken lehnig(c) 200- 2012

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