Songwriter Insights Podcast with host Ken Lehnig

Songwriter Insights Podcast with host Ken Lehnig


My dear friend and partner David Dodds,

the creative mind behind and Songwriter Insights Podcast, and I have a passion – we wanted to create a website that gave a hand up to songwriters, singer songwriters, and performers to assist in finding a path in todays music business. We share what we know and what we discover.

I have been in and watched the music business change over 50 years and now I use myself and my musical projects as a way of testing the information and sharing what I have learned.

Generous guest contributors offer articles, in all areas of the music biz . The podcast is a powerful tool. I chat with people in the music biz that have found a niche and are willing to have a conversation about what works and what doesn’t.

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2 thoughts on “Songwriter Insights Podcast with host Ken Lehnig”

  1. Ken is AWESOME! There is no doubt about it. Our first lesson was so comfortable and didn’t have the terrifying “wise professor and naïve student” dynamic as many of my previous music teachers had. He made me feel like a fellow musician. His tips and suggestions were not the type you would find in a traditional classroom- he is much more focused on the power behind your voice. He helped me establish my personal sound and work on the tonality that would be relatable to any audience. He’s made me look at music and my voice in a new light, and I’m loving the difference even one lesson has made in the choices I make while working on new songs!! I would DEFINITELY recommend him if you’re looking for a vocal coach or musical inspiration!! Ken will give you a spin on your sound that you didn’t know existed.

    Tali Nadav, 29, Singer

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