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Why Do I Need A Coach?

EXITENTIAL 1                   Why Do I Need a Coach?

The quick and easy answer is because it is very difficult to view your own work objectively.

Every songwriter/performer/writer/poet/artist  reads and hears that everywhere.

That answer is incomplete for a lot of small reasons. To say that you as an artist are not able to view your own work objectively  is discounting the fact that you are being judged mostly by people who are not artistic. You know what your doing even if the world doesn’t get it. We, you and I, are a rarity  we are probably eccentric, often called affectionately weird by our friends and family, and have no real memory or understanding of when this need to express your inner-reality, often to the point of obsession,  came into being.

fly in oinyment There is a fly in the ointment, so to speak.  When the creative  energy is in play it doesn’t edit, modify, or care about rules that is a separate process that matters only when the ‘creative output’ is intended to be  in the world: painting, song, book, short story, poem, sculpture. To the degree that the world accepts the creation is a matter for acquiring skills appropriate to cultural perception. Art can change and transform culture if it creates a narrative,The narrative’ begins outside the culture and begins a dialogue

The success of any artist as to being paid is by the degree that narrative impacts the culture.

Have you ever really wondered why it is so hard for you to hear criticism?

piperThis will be hard to get, but please remember I am speaking for myself as well. It is hard to hear because to be an artist one necessarily needs to be self-centered and possess  a well defined ego.

Creativity is a personal act, inherent in one person at a time, no matter what all those books tell you to the contrary. The work is done and it is your ‘baby’ – anyone outside the process telling you, with some grating presumed authority, that it needs work, or this needs to be changed, is upsetting. The only two things that can happen is you take your work and leave or you swallow the lump in your throat, bite your tongue and allow your work to be molded into that persons vision. I will add: often with success but more often not.  A narrative the world already knows. ie: Starving artist, tortured soul, mis-understood genius, et al.

The trick/ skill is to make your work as complete as you can with an allowance for some ‘already narrative’ to be included. I know its a little hard to get but that is the nature of ‘true’ collaboration.

Here is the answer to the title question.

Why do I need a coach?

1. Creativity is the  ethereal stuff of creation being brought into reality, ( no matter its form), with the skills that are inherent in the medium worked in to bring the artist’s creation into existence as close to the original vision as possible. Medium is the translation tool.

2. The world is quizzical, it likes things to stay the same. It is the artist’s job to create change. because the world likes nothing to change – culture is the portal in. The culture looks for a new narrative all the time. It is however a hard judge. It will always take more of the same. ( ie. pop music, clothing, movies, books) If the new work is worthy and the narrative about the work is compelling the culture will embrace it.

3. A coach is not necessarily a teacher.

4. A coach is a catalyst, an advocate and a supporter.

5. A coach already honors and recognizes your creative potential and the skills you have acquired. And speaks to your ability rather than what may be lacking. Ignorance is not a fault being unwilling to acquire knowledge is.

6. A coach is someone who has acquired the skills that pertain to your artistic expression. That person has traveled further down the road and can point out those things you missed or were unaware.

7. A coach is there for your success. Whatever level of success you want to attain.

Why I may be the perfect coach for you?


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