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Ken’s new CD “Holding a Rose”

Holding A Rose Cover Ken Lehnig
Holding A Rose Cover Ken Lehnig

A new CD by veteran singer/songwriter Ken Lehnig 

American Windsong Music just released Ken Lehnig’s new CD “Holding a Rose”.

This album is a departure from his debut solo album, while still maintaining his heartfelt style and his love of lyric.

 “The American Music Show” was to Ken and exercise in production restraint, with memorable  melodies and a minimalist approach to arrangement and production. Ken’s intent was to give homage to songs he had heard and loved on the radio over the last 50 years, exploring an Americana aspect. 

The new album “Holding a Rose” 

In this project Ken can kept the broad Americana theme and utilized expanded arrangements and production tools, all not possible without the extraordinary talent of these wonderful people:

John Hildebrand- co-producer, engineer, bass. 

Ed Kornhauser- piano, organ, string pads

Robert Cowan- harps

Chris Lehnig- bari, alto, tenor sax

Jamie Shadowlight – violin

Caitin Maelin – cello

Bob Poulin- drums

Jackie Whitney Austin Singer – back vocals

Korn Flower – fiddle on ‘Thimble of Sin”

Scottie Blinn – electric guitar on ‘What will become of Me’

LIsten and Buy here:

Ken Lehnig’s “Holding a Rose”


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